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A Brand New Blog

What do Knots Landing, CSI Miami, A Different World, Baywatch Nights, Laverne and Shirley and Frasier have in common? Yes, they’re all spin-offs. Bonus points if you can name the “parent” show of each of the 6 shows mentioned. No … Continue reading

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Apologies blog fans. I’ve been having security issues with the site. Apparently I’ve been the victim of automated hacking programs which led my provider to suspend my account. It isn’t necessarily fixed so if anyone with knowledge of WordPress coding … Continue reading

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Notify Me, Never!

This is sort of an update to the Kunming fake Apple Store story, but with some additional background that I didn’t mention last time round about my foolish decision to tick a notifcation box. The story was the fake Apple … Continue reading

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It’s All Ova – A Blog In Decline

Can you believe we’re already in the second half of 2011! Pretty sad stats (above) showing that my blog has been losing readers steadily since a spike in March. I think I’m going to need some suggestions on how to … Continue reading

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Taurus Till I Die

Tell me, how many of you have had conversations that go something like this: WoAi : Yes, I’ve been living in Shanghai for 6 years. I’m not a big fan of change, I like staying in my comfort zone. Acquaintance … Continue reading

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“Blown Up” Out Of Proportion

This isn’t directly related to China. It’s not even indirectly related. But on the other hand, China gets a lot of criticism for the way it suppresses freedom of speech and Britain is often the one doing the finger pointing. … Continue reading

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Shopgirl Turns 22

WoAi with Shopgirl and Dingle. So Shopgirl reached the ripe old age of 22 yesterday and held a party at the Barbie Store on Saturday night. Among the many guests were many of Shanghai’s blog community. Shanghai food and fashion … Continue reading

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WoAi Now On Twitter

For Twitter users who want more than my once every few days updates, you can now follow my “tweets” throughout the day. Twitter updates will be more frequent because I can do it from anywhere on my mobile.  There’s also … Continue reading

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Sherpa’s Tribute

An excellent parody by Andy Best (who’s previously commented on this very blog for the very first time last week) of the whole Sherpa’s scandal involving an American expat complaining about not getting his free burger (if you haven’t already … Continue reading

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Top Commenters Reset

Top commenters since this blog started. For those interested, I have changed the setting from all comments to comments made in the last 30 days, which I personally believe is better than just starting again each month as it reflects … Continue reading

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