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Sexy Summer Legs

Has everyone seen these already? The latest in anti-rape attire – alarmingly realistic hairy leg stockings. Ideal to repel perverts on the crowded subway, except the ones with a hairy leg fetish, but they’re the harmless ones! I’ve just ordered … Continue reading

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Cute? Not So Much!

Not a new topic, I already mentioned it last year, but this is a fresh picture to remind me how much I hate it when couples wear matching outfits. Sorry guys, it makes me cringe. I’m perfectly okay with say, … Continue reading

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Dating The Chinese Way

A friend recently went on a blind date in Beijing. Arriving at the coffee shop, he found not only the girl but her mother, too. Within minutes she bombarded him with questions: What does he earn? Where did he study? … Continue reading

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Perfect Valentine’s Gift Pack

I continue to be impressed by how businesses in China are rapidly embracing western culture and capitalising on big events like Christmas and Valentine’s day. Here’s a very imaginative promotion that drug store chain Watsons put together last week. That’s … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air

Well, today is of course Valentine’s day. I don’t think I have ever gone out on Valentine’s day. When I was in England, I would always be working at the restaurant as it is the second busiest day of the … Continue reading

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New Year Rent Boys

Quite a few of my friends have just returned from the new year break, having accompanied their girlfriends back to the home town to celebrate the new year with the family. But not every girl is lucky enough to find … Continue reading

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Shoot Me Now

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I thought the world was ending last Saturday so I didn’t really plan any further posts beyond Caturday! So anyway, on to today’s topic – I spotted this cute couple while at … Continue reading

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The Royal Wedding Post

It seems some people were expecting a royal wedding post and because I’m the kind of guy who likes to please, well, here it is. I have to say I actually enjoyed the whole event for several reasons. Firstly, it … Continue reading

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No Deed, No Dates

I enjoyed reading this article from the NY Times the other day. It’s nothing new. We’ve discussed this phenomenon a few times here about how many Chinese girls (yes, yes, I know, not ALL) will refuse to marry someone who … Continue reading

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Guide To Dating Chinese Girls

I found this very amusing and fairly accurate post about Chinese dating culture which should be of particular interest to westerners who are currently enjoying the life of Reilly here in China. Consequently, no matter how average or even well … Continue reading

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