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WoAi Recommends …. Nespresso

WoAi’s new Nespresso coffee machine. I bought a Nespresso coffee machine when I was in London a few weeks ago and have to say, it’s the best 180 pounds I’ve ever spent. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I … Continue reading

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The London Post

WoAi enjoying a 99 Flake and a bit of shopping in the London sunshine. Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’m only in London for a week and the weather has been fantastic – 32 degrees, blue skies and sunshine.  I … Continue reading

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Thank You For The Music

I’m in the first class lounge at Pudong airport waiting to board for London. No I don’t travel first class but I do have access thanks to Priority Pass which my bank, ICBC gives me for being such an important … Continue reading

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A Much Needed Break

It’s been a pretty hard few weeks with the apartment move, the housewarming, throwing up in Jean Georges, visitors and the usual Shanghai partying. I’m exhausted. Tuesday @ Glamour Bar, Park Hyatt and Bar Rouge (pictured) Wednesday @ Velvet Lounge … Continue reading

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Night View

Apart from the housewarming photos, I’m aware I’ve yet to post pictures of my new apartment, quite simply because I haven’t taken the photos yet. But on a lazy, raining Sunday, I did manage to drag myself off the sofa … Continue reading

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Mario Van Peebles in Shanghai

I was walking by the Bund in Shanghai one day when I spotted none other than New Jack City star and director, Mario Van Peebles walking along with his wife and kid, followed everywhere they went by a huge crowd … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Mini House Warming

Chilling out after dinner at WoAi’s mini house warming. Exactly a week after moving to my new apartment I had a few friends over for a sort of soft opening house warming. By that I mean it wasn’t a full … Continue reading

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Goodbye Yao Jiang

One last look at my old apartment before closing the door for the very last time. On Tuesday I handed back the keys to my old place and sorted out the mundane details with my landlord. She has been I … Continue reading

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Caturday : Living In A Box

No, don’t worry, Tommy isn’t homeless and living on the streets again. After 4 years living just outside Shanghai’s inner ring road, at the southern tip of Tibet Road (am I allowed to say Tibet?), it’s moving day today. Everything … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Well, it’s 20 years today isn’t it. I’m not sure I would have even realised were it not for the Chinese government’s decision to block popular websites such as Twitter and Flickr along with countless others including Blogger and YouTube … Continue reading

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