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Urinate Balls For Lunch

It does seem to be the week for juvenile sniggering at unfortunate translations. I couldn’t resist the spicy and hot urinate beef balls which I had for lunch today along with my 6 inch Subway sandwich (is it just me … Continue reading

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Interpenetration, But No Internet

Here is just a small sample of food I’ve recently thrown away because they had passed their sell by date.  It’s something I’ve come to expect with food, but I never expected to do the same with my dictionary, until … Continue reading

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Cran What?

Flying from Barcelona to London with British Airways on Sunday afternoon, I was sat next to an Englishman and next to him was a lovely middle aged lady from the United States.  When the time came for refreshments to be … Continue reading

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Monthly Visit

It’s hard to know what to call people these days. Xiao jie means “miss” but has evolved to more commonly refer (respectfully) to a prostitute. The original meaning of ayi is your aunt, specifically your mother’s younger sister (Chinese language … Continue reading

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