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Podcast Episode 16

As Dingle’s birthday week comes to an end, it seems appropriate to release a special birthday edition podcast with live clips from both WoAi and Dingle’s birthday parties. Listen and get to know a few of our friends. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 15

It’s been a long time coming, I guess many podcast fans have given up, but for those of you still here, here’s the long awaited follow up to Episode 14. We’ve decided to call it Episode 15 although we did … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 14

It’s been so long I can’t even remember how to spell podcast, but here it is, the episode many thought would never happen, the very first post-Swiss podcast. That’s right, the Gang Of 3 is now the Gang Of 2. … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 11

That’s right, bingo fans, we’re already on legs eleven but time is running out now that James has announced his retirement from the Gang Of 3. How many more can we squeeze in before he leaves and more importantly, does … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 10

Yes, we’re already at the 10th episode. This week we discuss scary Halloween, Dingle’s deformed foot, spitting, haircuts and of course the now obligatory toilet humour. Oh and of course, a terrifyingly spooky Halloween song for all to enjoy. And … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 9

That’s right, episode 9 is now ready for download. Some of you may have seen us mentioned in Smart Shanghai in an article about the sudden surge in British Shanghai-based bloggers / podcasters and this week we have a new … Continue reading

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Episode 8 – Back Together Again

Yes blog fans, just when you thought it was safe to uncover your ears, we’re back, the entire gang, for further asaults on your ears with more banter and of course, the now obligatory slaughter of an innocent song. What … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 7

Well, here it is, get it while it’s hot! In this week’s episode, the exciting topics include incontinence, infestations, pissing contests, ancient Egypt, Sudoku, finger banging and a guest appearance by someone called Marc with a “c”. This is the … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 6

That’s right, it’s ready – the very first podcast without WoAi at the helm to steer the discussion in the right direction. Will it be a complete disaster? Can Dingle and Swiss be funny without WoAi? Will there be a … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 5

So here it is, episode 5, the best podcast yet (regular readers will notice I say this every week, but it’s true!). James and WoAi discuss England’s impressive World Cup record, there’s a recipe segment with ukulele accompaniment with a … Continue reading

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