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HK Bachelorette Party

So my Shanghainese friend July is getting married (sorry guys, it had to happen eventually) and she decided to have a bacheloretteĀ  party in Hong Kong. Girls flew in from Beijing and Shanghai for the event and as you know, … Continue reading

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The Princess

I can’t stand princesses, but as people start earning more money in China, it seems to be a growing problem. These are girls who basically avoid doing ANYTHING for themselves if they can possibly avoid it and instead get guys … Continue reading

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WoAi In Bangkok

So having only just unpacked from my London trip, I’m here in Bangkok for a couple of days of meetings. But I almost didn’t make it. The car I ordered to take me to the airport didn’t show up this … Continue reading

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Caturday In Devon

This is Alfie. He belongs to my university lecturer who has retired and now lives in Topsham (populationĀ  5,023) in Devon in the south west of England (near Exeter), a lovely part of the country I grew up in but … Continue reading

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We Are Family

It’s not just the Olympics I’m here for. I really miss hanging out with family so it’s so great to catch up with my niece and nephew pictured here waiting patiently for uncle WoAi to do some clothes shopping at … Continue reading

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WoAi London 2012

I’m sure most of you know I’m in London for the Olympics. It’s so great to be home for any reason at all, so the Olympics are just a bonus, but a massive one. I have tickets for 3 events … Continue reading

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The Bitch Is Back!

No, this isn’t about Shopgirl. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet of late, ever since my Qing Ming Hong Kong trip in fact. There’s no special reason other than the usual lull that hits every … Continue reading

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Flying The “Friendly” Skies

I find it interesting that everyone has strong views about various airlines. This one is dreadful, that one is the best, and yet there’s never any one airline that gets consistent praise or criticism, so something must be wrong. British … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Wo Ai Ni

Warning – do not read if hungry! It’s got to be at least, oh, a couple of weeks since I wrote an “isn’t Hong Kong awesome” post, so we’re about due for another one. I have to try and keep … Continue reading

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Shanghai Subway Crash

Just two months ago, there was a deadly train crash near Wenzhou, where one train smashed in to a stationary train. And yesterday afternoon, and almost identical accident happened on Shanghai’s line 10 subway, which happens to be the line … Continue reading

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