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This is all he does, all day, all night. I’m a little surprised that nobody has complained that I haven’t posted in over a week. I’ve been sick, which will be evident when you listen to the next podcast, although … Continue reading

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Another Week, Another Caturday

If you look very closely you should be able to spot Tommy somewhere in this photograph despite his best attempts to hide inside a brown paper bag. Hilariously, because he can’t see me, he assumes I can’t see him, so … Continue reading

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Halloween Caturday

Tommy wishes a big Happy Halloween to all his fans!

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Tommy’s Back

Tommy, up close and personal By popular demand (Kim C), as The Carpenters once sang, it’s Caturday once more!

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Ascii Caturday

This picture of Tommy is made up entirely of ASCII characters. I’ve had to shrink the image but you can click here to see the full size image.

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Lazy Caturday

Another lazy Saturday for Tommy and WoAi.

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Down On The Street

Tommy LOVES sitting by the window and watching all the street action below.

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Caturday Storm

For the 5th, yes FIFTH day running, thunder storms roar across the grey Shanghai skies. What else is there to do but stretch out on the coffee table, relax and dream of catching mice.

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Caturday With My Best Friend

Me and my best friend – WoAi and Thomas chillaxin’ on a lazy Caturday morning. This one’s for Kim C who asked for more Tommy pictures. Rest in peace, Doobie. Tommy remains an enigma. Sometimes he likes to keep his … Continue reading

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Caturday On The (Repaired) Sofa

Tommy’s very happy now that the sofa in the new apartment has been repaired. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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