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The Caturday Appeal

No pictures of Tommy and Hui Hui this week, because there’s a far more pressing matter to address. A friend of a friend is trying to find homes for “two lovely and really quite nice kittens rescued a few weeks … Continue reading

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Testing Caturday

This was shot a week ago on the day of my birthday party. Was just testing the camera ahead of the big night and Tommy was a willing guinea pig.

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Calming Caturday

You know what’s good for calming down a heated internet debate? Why a Caturday featuring the adorable Hui Hui of course! And a happy mothers day to all the non-British mothers out there!

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Charlie Mao Caturday

My brother has been visiting for the last two weeks and as you can expect, there’s lots to blog about there, but that can wait as today is Caturday and we have a special guest appearance this week from Charlie … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Caturday

Tommy and Hui Hui are pretty cosy these days, which is kind of cute. It’s one of those silly Chinese holidays where you have to work Saturday and Sunday but then you get Monday – Wednesday off for tomb sweeping … Continue reading

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Caturday Kitchen Sink

Hui Hui seems to have a fascination with the kitchen sink. Any chance she gets she jumps up and drinks straight from the sink despite the fact she has her own bowl of fresh water in the living room. Tommy … Continue reading

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Caturday Feeding

Firstly I’d like to wish all my readers back in Ireland and very happy St Patricks day. I’ll be sipping a pint of Guinness somewhere a little later no doubt. No photo today, just a bit of live action feeding … Continue reading

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Pyscho Cats

Cats are fascinated by running water. I’ve often gone for a shower by myself and then when I’m done, I pull back the shower curtain to find both Tommy and Hui Hui right there staring at me like Norman Bates! … Continue reading

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Caturday Reincarnation

In my next life, I’m coming back as a cat!

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Caturday Bed Time

The bed gets pretty crowded these days so if you want a good spot, you’d better go early, or you might end up on the floor!

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