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Caturday Cosiness

After all that fighting last week, we’re back to our lazy, laid back selves. And of course, the best of friends!

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Caturday Conflict

It’s not all peace and harmony in the WoAi household. Here they’re literally at each other’s throats, but it’s all just horsing around to punctuate the long periods of lying around doing very little. They love each other really.

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Apologies for the long silence. I’ve been in London since Sunday spending time stuffing my face with all the food I can’t get in Shanghai (it’s a long list), hanging out with my family and doing the customary shopping for … Continue reading

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Caturday Calendar 2012

The 2012 Caturday calendar is now available from Red Bubble, just in time for Christmas. Caturday fans, get one for your friends and one for yourself. I’m heading home to London tomorrow (weather permitting!) for some quality family time, so … Continue reading

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Cosy Caturday

After weeks of being in denial, it’s time to face the harsh reality – winter is just around the corner. On the bright side, we have each other to keep ourselves warm during the cold winter nights.

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Kitty Day

It’s been a few weeks without Caturday but nobody seems to have noticed. Well, until today when Kitty gave me a gentle reminder. So Kitty, this one’s for you! I’m still amazed at the places my cats end up. I … Continue reading

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Caturday Snooze Fest

Well I just managed to squeeze this in in time. I’ve been away in Hong Kong (more on this later) while Tommy and Hui Hui have been enjoying the apartment to themselves. I don’t feel they really made the most … Continue reading

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National Day Caturday

The People’s Republic of China is 62 today. Happy anniversary from the two most patriotic cats in the middle kingdom!

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Caturday Computing

Hui Hui loves trampling all over my laptop keyboard. One of her favourite tricks is to adjust the brightness on my MacBook to its lowest level so I think the computer is switched off. Then I try turning it on … Continue reading

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Caturday At The White House

If Tommy and Hui Hui were the Obamas, Hui Hui would be Barack and Tommy would be Michelle.

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