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Caturday On The Computer

There are 1001 things about cat behaviour I don’t understand. One of them is how they seem to like lying on the least comfortable surfaces. I mean, there’s a huge bed, a soft sofa, cushions. But Tommy loves sleeping on … Continue reading

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DIY Ovariohysterectomy Caturday

As we teeter on the brink of another worldwide recession, WoAi has set the tone by doing a DIY ovariohysterectomy at home. If you’re thinking of having your cat spayed, just follow this easy to follow step by step guide and … Continue reading

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T Minus One Day

It’s just one day away folks. Here’s just a tiny preview …. set your clocks for 9am Shanghai time, that’s 2am in London, 9pm in New York City.

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Spay Day Caturday

Today is a big day for Hui Hui. In about half an hour the vet is coming over to remove her reproductive organs. She’s been “on heat” quite a lot recent and it has been agonising to watch. I don’t … Continue reading

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Tropical Caturday

Tommy ‘s new favourite place in the apartment is just round the back of the chair, shaded by a big green plant. I guess it’s his equivalent of lying under a palm tree on a tropical island. And speaking of … Continue reading

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Sweaty Caturday

Well this weekend seems to so far be free of major catastrophes and terror attacks, and no major talent has checked out, so I think that’s reason enough to bring back Caturday. Hui Hui enjoys a lazy Caturday by the … Continue reading

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Caturday Fan Base

Well obviously, Caturday has a huge fan base, but this is more about the base of my floor standing fan which for some bizarre reason, Tommy seems to love more than anything in life. (Loyal Caturday fans may remember this … Continue reading

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Caturday in HK

No, sadly, Tommy and Hui Hui aren’t on a trip to the special administrative region, it’s me who’s away, so no cat photos today I’m afraid, but I promise to rectify the situation next Caturday with a nice new photo … Continue reading

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Curiosity Killed The Caturday

Well, almost. I woke up yesterday morning to find Hui Hui with a crisp packet over her head. That’s hilarious, I though and took a few snaps before removing the packet from her head. It was only when I tried … Continue reading

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Refrigerator Caturday

Tommy and Hui Hui each have their favourite places, places they love to sleep in for hours on end. The top of the fridge is one of Hui Hui’s favourites and any opportunity she gets, she’ll jump up there and … Continue reading

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