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The Mystery Of 6,000 Dead Pigs

This has to be the most bizarre story of the year, if not the decade. Almost 6,000 dead pigs have so far been found floating in the Huangpu river which divides the city of Shanghai in two. When I first … Continue reading

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Urinate Balls For Lunch

It does seem to be the week for juvenile sniggering at unfortunate translations. I couldn’t resist the spicy and hot urinate beef balls which I had for lunch today along with my 6 inch Subway sandwich (is it just me … Continue reading

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Just a bit of juvenile Friday afternoon fun for British readers. If you’re not a Brit, a minger is let’s say, someone who fell out of the ugly tree at birth, hitting every branch along the way down! The word … Continue reading

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Rampant Fare Dodgers

The other day on the subway, I watched in shock as two middle aged women repeatedly tried to run through the barriers without paying, by trying to follow closely behind a fare paying passenger. But each time they were too … Continue reading

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Defying Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton may have discovered gravity, but it’s the Chinese that have discovered how to defy it! I may have mentioned before I once had an idea for a book entitled “The Things People Get On The Back Of … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Shanghai Christmas

Unusually, I’m spending the Christmas period here in Shanghai as I have already been home to London for the Olympics. The decision to stay was made slightly easier by the fact that for very different reasons, all my close friends … Continue reading

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As you have probably noticed, this blog is dying a slow, painful death, but there are still a few breathes left before the plug is pulled on the life support machine. In the mean time, I was browsing the wine … Continue reading

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Oh, Oh, Obama!

I think most of the outside world breathed a sigh of relief when Obama managed to defeat Mitt Romney in the US presidential election. But for me the prize for most amusing response was contraceptive manufacturer Durex, who posted this … Continue reading

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Halloween 2012

Can you believe it’s a year already since the last Halloween costume party! It came around so quickly, I didn’t have any time to go out and buy an outfit, so I just had to wear whatever I had lying … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 Is Finally Here In China

Oh sorry, did you think I meant the phone? Well, I’m happy to say the arrival of the iPhone 5 in China is imminent, but in the mean time, you can enjoy the last days of summer with some iPhone … Continue reading

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