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A Weekend Of Protests

It seems the anti-Japanese sentiment has escalated, sparked by the Diaoyu Islands dispute. And so this weekend, we’ve seen angry protests in many parts of China, including Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu and even Shanghai. I say protests, it’s actually a bit … Continue reading

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Japan, Again

It happens every few years. I remember clearly in April 2005 there were waves of anti-Japanese protests in many cities across China because of some new text books which apparently played down the atrocities carried out by the Japanese during … Continue reading

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Bowling For Aurora

Like the rest of the world, I was horrified to read about the massacre at the Batman premiere in Denver on Friday. 12 dead and many more injured. The youngest to lose her life was six years old. The youngest … Continue reading

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Pollution? What Pollution?

There are very few days when we have truly clear skies in Shanghai. It’s one of the things I miss. And one of the causes is of course pollution which can be pretty bad, although I understand Beijing has much … Continue reading

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Dallas Is Back!

This ought to be a good test of my readership demographic. Do not adjust your sets, Dallas is back after the last series ended 21 years ago. That’s right, Bobby and JR Ewing are at it again, with a few … Continue reading

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65 Points (Rounded Up!)

This is going to creep you out. As you all know, yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of a rather tragic day in China’s recent history. June 4th 1989 was the day the army moved in on the student protesters in … Continue reading

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Rich People Can’t Drive

I read in one of this weekend’s Sunday papers about a 47 million RMB Aston Martin that was written off last week by its Chinese owner, more of which later. It was only recently that T published a post entitled … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Wiggy Wit It

Thanks to Apple iPhoto’s “Face” feature, I just clicked on Wiggy and found a bunch of photos from the last 5 years which really summed up quite well the fun loving guy he was. So here are a few. This … Continue reading

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Whitney, The Greatest Diva Of All

I was pretty shocked to hear of the death of Whitney this weekend, aged 48. It was just last week some friends and I were discussing how she’s been having cocaine addiction problems, but I haven’t really been following the … Continue reading

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Living Together In The Locust World

Well, this has been on the edges of my radar for a while but I’ve only just started paying serious attention. It seems the tension has been slowly rising between Hong Kong residents in the former British colony and mainland … Continue reading

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