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London Riots Perspectives

I have to be honest and say I got very little work done yesterday. I spent much of the day trying to catch up with the north London riots that morphed in to the “all over London” riots and then … Continue reading

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London’s Burning

It started as a small protest resulting from the shooting of a man by police in Tottenham, north London. This then turned violent with rioting and looting and cars and buildings set on fire. I’m from London, but Tottenham is … Continue reading

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Black Weekend

Well what a horrible weekend that was, with the massacre in Norway, the Hangzhou train crash and Amy Winehouse being found dead at 27. The bad news just kept coming and each was a complete shock (yes, I know Winehouse … Continue reading

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The Murdochs In The Dock

Well, I don’t know how many of you have been following this phone hacking scandal and the repercussions, but I’ve been gripped from the beginning. This video of Rupert Murdoch and his son James being questioned by MPs about their … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

The Shanghai to Beijing route is probably the busiest domestic airline route in China, connecting China’s two most developed cities. I myself used to fly this route on an almost weekly basis a few years ago, although my travel schedule … Continue reading

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A Near Miss And Lots Of Ovas

Firstly a Wimbledon update : both Venus and Serena Williams were knocked out yesterday as well as the number one seed Caroline Wozniacki and Chinese player Shuai Peng lost to Maria Sharapova who, I read with interest, is one of … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Luwan

In the business world, big companies buy up and merge with smaller ones to form bigger and bigger companies and generate efficiencies through synergy. It’s a trend that has been happening for many years all over the world. But I … Continue reading

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Shoot Me Now

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I thought the world was ending last Saturday so I didn’t really plan any further posts beyond Caturday! So anyway, on to today’s topic – I spotted this cute couple while at … Continue reading

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The Long Wait Is Over

So almost two months after the US launch, the second generation iPad was launched in mainland China last Friday to waiting crowds in both Beijing and Shanghai. As expected, massive queues formed at all locations the night before the launch, … Continue reading

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The Royal Wedding Post

It seems some people were expecting a royal wedding post and because I’m the kind of guy who likes to please, well, here it is. I have to say I actually enjoyed the whole event for several reasons. Firstly, it … Continue reading

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