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Questlove and James Bond In Shanghai

Just a couple of quick announcements. The 23rd Bond film Skyfall, is FINALLY released today in China (about half a year after the rest of the world has seen it) minus a few sensitive bits that have been cut by … Continue reading

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Pollution? What Pollution?

There are very few days when we have truly clear skies in Shanghai. It’s one of the things I miss. And one of the causes is of course pollution which can be pretty bad, although I understand Beijing has much … Continue reading

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Bye Bye 2010, Bye Bye Skype

I know it’s only the first day of the new year but I have some bad news for SKYPE users. The Chinese regulator has just announced that Internet phone services are now illegal in China. Not all Internet phone services … Continue reading

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“Blown Up” Out Of Proportion

This isn’t directly related to China. It’s not even indirectly related. But on the other hand, China gets a lot of criticism for the way it suppresses freedom of speech and Britain is often the one doing the finger pointing. … Continue reading

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Avatar Banned?

Well actually, no, it has not been banned, but that is how the western media seem to be reporting this news. It appears that the 2D version is being withdrawn, but the 3D version is still going strong. Now riddle … Continue reading

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Facebook Blackout

You’ve probably heard about recent censorship of certain websites in China due to the sensitive anniversary of the 1989 “protests”.  We’ve only just got some sites back again here in China, but it looks like as a result of the … Continue reading

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The Great Fire Wall Tightens Its Grip

Everytime we get close to something politically sensitive such as the anniversary of Tiananmen or the annual communist party conference, those in charge of deciding which Internet sites are blocked and which are accessible in China start behaving unpredictably, much … Continue reading

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Bye Bye YouTube

As of today, the famous video sharing site has been blocked by the Chinese authorities, as reported by the BBC News website, which itself was blocked for many years until recently.

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Don’t Look Back (To 1997) In Anger

Just a few days ago a friend was asking if I was going to see Oasis when they come to Shanghai in April.  Well, I can now give a definite answer: no.  And neither will anyone else.  All the China … Continue reading

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Blogspot For All

Yes, who knows for how long, perhaps it’s related to the Olympics coming up in August, but after years of being blocked by the government, Blogspot is currently accessible from China – enjoy it while it lasts folks! I for … Continue reading

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