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IQ Deficiency

Certain things, such as lack of independent or creative thinking, can be attributed to a poor education system, but I always thought intelligence was something that isn’t taught.  Your IQ is something you’re born with.  Apparently not.  Any expat who’s … Continue reading

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Messenger Tags

Isn’t it interesting how people decide on Messenger tags. Some choose really long phrases in French that nobody understands. I wondered if it’s to generate interest or to prompt contacts to ask what it means. Others just say how they’re … Continue reading

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Oakenfold On China

I’ve always felt that China, and Shanghai in particular, was the best place in the world to go clubbing. I guess there are good places to go in London too but the places I have been have been very, very … Continue reading

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Mind The Doors

It was a while back now, July 16th in fact, but I thought I should write about the fatal accident on Shanghai’s subway line 1 to raise awareness and warn commuters who didn’t know about it.  The man was basically … Continue reading

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Pet Elevator Peeves, part 2

Well, if you were observant, you would have noticed that my top 5 pet lift peeves (previous post) were only four, with number 2 repeated again at number 5. That’s because I forgot what the fifth peeve was and anyone … Continue reading

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Pet Elevator Peeves

I recently posted my top 5 pet peeves but I have just realised that I can easily find 5 related solely to elevators and they are as follows: 1. People pressing the door close button as soon as the get … Continue reading

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Cruel Separation

Life can be brutal here.  Families separated and kept apart, daughters in tears crying for their mothers.  Well at least, that’s what can happen on bus route 66 if you don’t board the bus fast enough and the doors shut … Continue reading

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Wynn Win, Lose Lose!

It’s a dog eat dog world and in the Shanghai bar / club scene, Darwin’s survival of the fittest maxim holds true. WynnWin, billionaire Steve Wynn’s Shanghai club located on the 5th floor of Plaza 66 has closed down and … Continue reading

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