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Something Missing

Posted by Chas A man walks into a sandwich shop. It’s a newly-opened sandwich shop, in a brand-new office building in Beijing’s Central Business District, and it’s there to serve the lunchtime needs of a rapidly¬†growing population of professional expats … Continue reading

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Monthly Visit

It’s hard to know what to call people these days. Xiao jie means “miss” but has evolved to more commonly refer (respectfully) to a prostitute. The original meaning of ayi is your aunt, specifically your mother’s younger sister (Chinese language … Continue reading

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In Room Shopping

I was in Beijing yesterday and stayed in a very new, but very Chinese hotel in the CBD (Central Business District). The style of management is of course very different to western chains such as Hilton or Hyatt and an … Continue reading

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Heathrow or Hongqiao

Heathrow: Arrive 3 hours before take off. Stand in line to check in for about one hour, then another 30 minutes to get through security checks that include removing your shoes and belts, and of course, showing all your liquid … Continue reading

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Ask A Direct Question

Posted by Chas It’s time for the first guest blog…. I have just moved house, and went to my new Property Management office to ask them how I should buy electricity for my apartment. They pointed at the shiny machine … Continue reading

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Net Nanny Is On Drugs!

So after a short period of being accessible in China, Wikipedia is now blocked again, damnit, while Typepad seems to be accessible, just as I have grown comfortable with my new blog location and accepted the loss of my former … Continue reading

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Little Ferrari Driving Prince

I was searching on YouTube for my friend Hannah’s moving rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (evidence that expats should be forced to take a singing test before being allowed into karaoke) when I came across this … Continue reading

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