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Sleeping Dragon wakes up with a woody

A very interesting article from a Japanese publication about sexual revolution in China – well obviously, it would never be published in a Chinese publication! None of this is news to me of course – after 8 years in China, … Continue reading

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Still Friends With My iPod

Well after struggling with my “tiny” 30gb iPod for several years, I’ve finally upgraded to 160gb.  The 30gb has served me well as a “jukebox” device that contains every single piece of music I have ever owned but I was … Continue reading

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Missing You

Ever since I installed Peter’s Custom Anti Spam Image Plugin, the spam has disappeared and I am starting to feel very lonely since 90% of comments here were from those nice spam people. I can highly recommend other WordPress bloggers … Continue reading

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That’s The Way I Like It

I was dining at a Vietnamese restaurant on Ding Xi Lu the other night and ordered a ke kou ke le (Coca Cola). The waitress returned with a red can but I noticed it was slightly different to a normal … Continue reading

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Fashion At The Great Wall

This is quite incredible – Fendi last night unveiled their new line of clothing, designed partly by Karl Lagerfeld at China’s Great Wall, using the wall as a runway for the models to strut along. Imagine the guanxi that was … Continue reading

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Net Nanny Update (Part 865)

It is so hard to keep up with the net nanny’s latest insane behaviour.  My last update was only last month but now here’s another update: Blogger is (for now) unblocked and I can read and comment without the aid … Continue reading

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Mr (Not So) Cool

Yes, yes, you look so cool in your meticulously moulded spikey hair style, baggy jeans, rock star sun glasses, shirt and jacket collar raised, jacket sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Honestly, it might not be 100% suitable office attire … Continue reading

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Bling Bling In Beijing

Formerly featured on Dan Wei, Su Fei’s reports from China are now on Sexy Beijing. This episode investigates Beijing’s thriving hip hop scene with amusing results. I think what’s also interesting here is the very evident Beijing characteristics of the … Continue reading

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Faking It

I’m currently in Venice, Italy but there’s no escaping references to China. The city is swarming with teams of African guys selling fake designer handbags on the narrow streets, often right outside shops they are ripping off, such as Gucci … Continue reading

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