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Elevator Joyriders

Back when I was in England and had a car, I would sometimes get in my car and drive, with no particular destination.¬† It was driving for the sake of driving. But I don’t think I’ve seen the elevator version … Continue reading

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I’m Still Standing

The highlight of my weekend was attending the Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei) concert, my first ever concert in China after over 8 years of living here. For those of who don’t know, she’s like a Taiwanese pop goddess, dominating the … Continue reading

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A colleague asked me to buy her one of those new (in China) black pepper burgers from McDonalds. I have to say I rarely deviate from the established McDonalds options – Big Mac, Fillet-O-Fish, McChicken Burger etc. I just laughed … Continue reading

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Olympic Cyber Stampede

I have a Windows Live Messenger contact who changed her tagline to “365 days to go” on the one year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.¬† Nothing wrong with that, but every single day since, she has amended her … Continue reading

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