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Hello Kitty – For Men!

Yes, just as the cosmetic firms have grown their market by developing ranges for men, Hello Kitty have now turned their attention to the manbag carrying section of the population.  Apparently the character has been adapted to be more “rugged” … Continue reading

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One Giant Leap For Commuters

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong, 20th July 1969. I think the Shanghai Daily writers have been watching too much Star Trek recently.  Not one but two lead stories today by two … Continue reading

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Christmas Is All Around

I’d offer a prize for guessing the movie that inspired the title of today’s post, but that would be too easy. After a very successful pub dinner on Christmas eve I really got the Christmas dinner bug, so I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Christmas In China

My Christmas Eve dinner – roast turkey, cranberry, roasted and mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, cauliflour, sausages wrapped in bacon and of course, Brussels sprouts and gravy. It’s just another ordinary working day here in the People’s Republic of China, or … Continue reading

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Gasp, Illegal Child Labour at The Westin!

I usually go home to London for Christmas but this year, I’ve decided to stay in Shanghai.  Well, when I say I have decided, what I mean is I was too disorganised to arrange anything and now it’s too late … Continue reading

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It’s Just Not Cricket

For non-English readers, the title is a phrase we sometimes use when something’s not fair or right. And it couldn’t be more appropriate than for this story in today’s press about the Cuban cricket team who were due to attend … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting

Conversation overheard at Purple Haze Bistro Thai restaurant in Beijing: English woman [pointing at her wine glass which has a tiny smidgen of wine in it]: Excuse me waitress, I think you’re supposed to pour the wine and fill the … Continue reading

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It’s Better To Travel …

If I’m ever short of blog material, a short trip will soon fix the drought. Within an hour of leaving my house I had enjoyed standing in line at McDonalds behind a man who pulled out a sheet of coupons … Continue reading

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Travel Mental Disorder

I often find that real life is so much more stranger than any fiction. But enough about my sex life …. I was amused to read today about a tour guide who basically went beserk and started stabbing tourists in … Continue reading

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Bespoke Tailoring On The Cheap

I went a bit mad the weekend before last and bought 7 (yes, seven) shirts from the fabric market. Yes, yes, it’s my fault, I am too impatient to shop around, so when I see something that seems to fit … Continue reading

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