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Bad Money (part 2)

So after my recent experience at the convenience store I read with interest that a Chinese couple from Zhejiang province was arrested in Paris after trying to pay for goods with a suspected counterfeit bill at the famous Galeries Lafayette … Continue reading

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Blogspot For All

Yes, who knows for how long, perhaps it’s related to the Olympics coming up in August, but after years of being blocked by the government, Blogspot is currently accessible from China – enjoy it while it lasts folks! I for … Continue reading

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Bad Money

I was in the convenience store yesterday buying a couple cans of Coke. The total cost was 4.6 RMB (2.3 RMB each) so I handed over a 10 RMB note. The clerk gave it back to me and asked if … Continue reading

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Arrive Alive

I was walking to lunch the other day and stopped at a junction to wait for the traffic lights to turn red. A French couple who were also walking in the same direction, ignored the traffic signals and continued walking … Continue reading

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Love Is All Around

Three unrelated stories with a common theme for you today, all courtesy of the China Daily which can always be relied upon to supply gems on a slow news day. A lot of young people these days are pressured by … Continue reading

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Where’s The Party?

A certain China blogger is turning 40 in May.  It’s hard to believe.  Most people think he looks somewhere between 18 and 25, but sadly this is far from the truth.  But I digress.  I was in Attica last night … Continue reading

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Genocide Olympics?

Yes, nobody can fail to have noticed the news that following pressure from the likes of Mia Farrow (ex Mrs Woody Allen), Steven Spielberg has withdrawn his support as artistic consultant for the Beijing Olympic games which will be hosted … Continue reading

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Quanjude Goes Electric

It may surprise some readers to know I am very traditional in some ways. I prefer my wine bottles to have corks in them rather than metal screw tops, and I like my Beijing roast duck roasted in a traditional … Continue reading

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Back To School

Today is the first day of school following the lunar new year break.  I needed no reminder this morning, because as my half empty bus pulled up at a bus stop (yes, I do take the #66 bus to work), … Continue reading

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Crouching Tiger, Trotting Horse

Thanks to my old pal James for alerting me to this article in the (British) Daily Mail about one of China’s “most notorious zoos” which has trained a lion to ride on a horse for the amusement of the visitors. … Continue reading

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