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T5 vs T2

I’m from London and live in Shanghai, so it was interesting to see both cities open a new airport terminal last week, but with very different results. Shanghai’s brand new terminal two opened on 26th March and apart from a … Continue reading

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Too Many Teddies

Some of you may know my parents visited me this week.  Being a very important director with a very important role, I still had to work during the day to order my large team of executives and managers to do … Continue reading

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Origami Banking

Things in China are improving every day.  It wasn’t long ago it was impossible for a foreigner to walk into a bank with RMB and come out with US dollars.  You’d see the exchange rate on the board, you’d go … Continue reading

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Lowering The Bar

“Extremely low expectations are the key to happiness” My parents are visiting this week from London. They were born in Asia but have both lived most of their lives in England and in many ways are more westernised than Asian. … Continue reading

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Jaipur Jags and Lahore Land Rovers On The Way

I read with some surprise that Ford is selling Jaguar and Land Rover – two British automotive iconic brands – to Tata, the Indian auto manufacturer. Is it wrong of me to feel somewhat disappointed that these two brands, along … Continue reading

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WoAi On “That Western Province”

I’ve had two previous blog sites blocked by the Chinese censor.  I hasten to add it was not my specific blog they were targetting but nevertheless, I need to exercise caution to avoid drawing any attention.  So please refrain from … Continue reading

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We’re Ready (Well, Almost!)

I make no apologies for the number of Olympic Games related posts. This year, China hosts the event for the first time in history and we’re jolly well going to make a song and dance of it (literally, if past … Continue reading

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Mad Dash To Freedom

Flying never fails to lead to blog material. On a short trip to Beijing last week, our plane landed and came to a stop. The guy next to me, decided to make a desperate bid for freedom, climbing over me … Continue reading

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The Oldest Trick In The Book

A couple of friends were visiting Shanghai last week and being the good host that I am, I did the tourist guide thing and showed them a few of my favourite places in the city. Unfortunately, I often need to … Continue reading

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I friend received a text message from a guy that she barely knew and had only met a few times in a group social occasion. The text was asking her if she would agree to be his girlfriend. I am … Continue reading

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