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WoAi’s Going To Protect The Torch

The May (Labour Day) holiday is upon us once again. This year it has been shortened from the usual 7 days to just 3, in an effort to reduce the travel chaos that always coincides with the long breaks and … Continue reading

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Where Are You Now?

I read with great sadness yesterday in The Observer about Rand Abdel-Qader, a 17 year old Iraqi girl who had a crush on a British soldier and was brutally murdered by her father in a so called “honour killing” because … Continue reading

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Love China, Love England!

WoAi (L) England.  Happy St George’s Day!

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Frenchmen and Dogs

The backlash in China against the French continues, despite efforts by the French to repair some of the damage.  What really puzzles me is: why refuse to carry dogs!

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Nokia Through The Ages

I think it’s time to give Tibet a rest.  In my 9 years in China, I’m lucky enough never to have lost a mobile phone, unlike in the UK, when the window of my car was smashed and my phone … Continue reading

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Thugs and Goons

I need to point out firstly that this blog was never meant to be a political one, but it’s impossible to ignore the madness that has been unfolding in recent weeks. In cities all across China, citizens are protesting outside … Continue reading

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United We Stand

So the Tibet issue drags on. To be honest, if anything, the pro-Tibet protests have united Chinese everywhere in ways the government here can only have dreamed about. A Facebook group: “Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part … Continue reading

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Hitting Back At The Protesters

Only yesterday I posted about the ridiculous situation regarding the global anti-China protests. So when I opened my MSN this morning, I was quite amused to see what every single Chinese contact (well, okay, except my Tibetan friends) has put … Continue reading

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Jumping On The Band Wagon

Suddenly, protesting against China and China bashing seems to be all the rage.  All across the globe, the Olympic torch is being hijacked and ambushed along its route by demonstrators trying to snuff out the flame, apparently outraged by China’s … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Getting Published

No, my blog isn’t being turned into a bestselling book unlike the very talented Waiter Rant, but a while back I was contacted by Delius Producing Berlin, an “editorial and concept development service” who asked if they could use one … Continue reading

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