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Yes, It’s Fashion Friday

Horology fans, you’re in luck. This week’s Fashion segment is all about fine time pieces, or what less knowledgeable people call “watches”. I’m off to Europe tomorrow and will be passing through my home town, a small city in southern … Continue reading

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Wen Jia Bao Just Added You As A Friend

Well okay, not exactly, but according to the New York Times, China’s popular premier does now have his own Facebook page, set up and supported by adoring fans. Funnily enough, I couldn’t find a Gordon Brown supporters page!

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Rain, Rain Go Away …

It’s amazing how rain can affect how you feel. I’ve been pretty jolly for the last few months. Everything is going well and I had a great 40th birthday party. But all good things come to an end and all … Continue reading

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The Long March To Freedom

I found myself stuck in glamorous Guangzhou this weekend because I had a meeting on Friday and another on Monday, which made it hardly worth flying back twice for.  I usually hate it when business trips eat into my own … Continue reading

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A Public Apology From Wo 6. Ai

I owe my readers a big apology. This blog is supposed to be about my thoughts, good or bad, sour or sweet (to use a Chinese food analogy) but yesterday I compromised my position because I didn’t want to be … Continue reading

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Chinese Food In America

Did you know that there are more Chinese restaurants than KFC, McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King combined? No, not in China (well, of course this is true in China too) but in the United States, according to New York Times … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday 3

Summer is well and truly here. I know this because yesterday was the day I finally reached for the air conditioner remote and changed the setting from hot to cold. And it’s going to stay on the cold setting now … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Blog Disappears

Apologies to people trying to access this site yesterday. From around 9am Beijing time (GMT plus 8 hours) I was not able to access the site and of course, my first fear was that the Chinese net police had blocked … Continue reading

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A Little Piece Of London

I had to go to Beijing for a day trip on Monday for a client seminar. Our event was being held at the Beijing Wanda Sofitel Hotel and I had a little time to spare before I had to be … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Big Night Out

After months of planning (okay, perhaps 20 minutes of planning), my 40th birthday bash at Attica went off without a hitch. In total, over 50 people showed up, so meeting the required minimum charge in order to secure the exclusive … Continue reading

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