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Xiao Nei – Now Available In English!

Xiao Nei (校内) is a popular Chinese online networking website.  Users can find old college buddies, chat online and see what their friends are up to.  You can write on people’s walls, send them messages, join various networks and there … Continue reading

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Who’s On First?

It’s not like I check these things regularly, it’s been about six months since I had a peek, and only because ISpyShanghai has a link to it on his site, but according to the China Blog List on Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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Caturday Special – Tommy

On the 11th July 2005, about a month after I moved to Shanghai, I found this tiny little kitty walking along the street looking dirty, tired, hungry and uncared for. He looked up at me, our eyes locked and I … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday – Time To Accessorize

A lot of people underestimate the importance of accessories.  Belts, cuff links, jewelry, ties, scarves, gloves all add that little finishing touch to your overall look that is so often overlooked.  So today I’m going to kick off a Fashion … Continue reading

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Marbella vs Shanghai

Marbella, southern Spain, early June 2008 – sunny, blue skies, 22 degrees celcius. Shanghai, late June 2008 – Pissing down with rain for the last 3 to 4 weeks, forgotten already what the sun looks like, shoes and suit soaked … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Me

I’m not a big Facebook fan, I use it moderately rather than spending 25 hours a day glued to it like many people, but it is useful to be able to see what friends are up to from their Facebook … Continue reading

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Skanky Hoes To The Left

Some of my friends claim that prostitution is everywhere in China – in the barber shops, the KTVs, the saunas, the bars, the clubs. I didn’t believe it for one minute, until today when I was visiting the Makro self … Continue reading

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The Return Of Old WoAi

My blog used to be almost entirely about frustrating incidents that made me question what I was doing living in this crazy place, but I rarely post those types of topics these days.  Old age has mellowed me. However, from … Continue reading

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Food For Thought

One carton of Marlboro Lights in Shanghai Pudong airport duty free: 93 RMB (6.90 pounds). Same carton at London Heathrow Terminal 4 duty free: 26 pounds (350 rmb). Hmmmm ….. I Love China!

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Fashion Friday (Or Is It Watch Wednesday?)

I’m not a watch collector but I do have a fondness for fine timepieces and therefore have more watches than your average Joe.  I locked this one in my safe in Shanghai and after a few months, I discovered to … Continue reading

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