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The Six Degrees

So last week I took photos for my friend Yiko. Last night, I took some photos for Anabela, a Hong Kong friend who’s living in Shanghai. Yiko and Anabela of course do not know each other. However, through the miracle … Continue reading

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Scam Alert!

I’d just like to warn some of you more gullible readers about a very cunning scam that is quite common here.  I got this text message from an unknown number.  It basically says something like “please deposit money into the … Continue reading

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Caturday Close Up

For all you cat lovers, just a couple of close up wide shots with handheld off camera diffused flash. To be honest, to really appreciate this, you have to view the large version and make sure you ZOOM IN and … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday – Bring The Colour

Is it me or are the weeks just flying by? Can it be Friday again already? Well then it’s time for WoAi’s weekly fashion segment, showcasing the latest trends from China’s most fashionable city. Regular readers will remember my recent … Continue reading

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We’re Ready

The countdown to Beijing 2008 is in the home straight, and here are a few amazing pictures from the host city (not taken by me I hasten to add) covering some of the last minute preparations. For those of you … Continue reading

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Oh My, That’s A Long One!

Regular readers will know I have a pet hate for what I call “loser laowai”. Foreigners who back home are total losers with no friends who come here and are inexplicably adored by the locals, who think they are incredibly … Continue reading

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Bao An Special

Today’s post is specially for one reader with a bao an (security guard) fetish.  The rest of you may as well stop reading now. Security is big business in China.  Any establishment worth its salt has its own security force, … Continue reading

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The Long Shoot

The new photoblog isn’t as successful as I’d hoped, so I’m giving it a bit of a plug here, and I’m also working harder to take more photos to put on it. I had a very busy Saturday shooting both … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday – School Uniforms

I’ve noticed Chinese kids’ standard uniform is oversized tracksuits like the one pictured below.  I guess it’s comfortable, but it’s far from flattering and in my opinion, a bit too casual for something as important as getting an education. This … Continue reading

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Marathon Man, Here To Stay

Well folks, my Friday-Nite domain expires shortly (in October actually) but you’ll all be pleased to know that today I coughed up the renewal …. for another 5 (yes, FIVE) years. So we’re all good till October 2013 now, which … Continue reading

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