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Paul Newman Rides Off Into The Sunset

I don’t usually post twice in the same day, so you know this is no ordinary day. I woke up this morning to the news that Paul Newman has passed away at the age of 83. I can’t think of … Continue reading

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The Truth Hurts

In China the wedding photography business is a thriving industry. Chinese people get their wedding photos well before they actually get married, unlike in the west, and they can spend vast sums of money for the privilege of having some … Continue reading

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Caturday is brought to you by …

Samsonite – Tough as steel, yet soft and comfortable as silk. Tommy has loved sleeping on this case since he was just a few weeks old.

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Fashion Friday – Luke 23:34

McDonalds in Beijing, 11th September 2008. I think it was Jesus (Luke 23:34) who said “Forgive them father for they do not know what their tee shirts say”. I’m lovin’ it! (Thanks to Chas for sending the photo, taken by … Continue reading

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WoAi The Telly Addict

One of the things I miss about living in China is TV. Whenever I leave China, I binge on hours of TV. I was in Hong Kong last week briefly but spent most of my spare time in my hotel … Continue reading

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Quick Straw Poll

Seems this theme is being messed up by the top commenters plugin. Can I quickly ask everyone to tell me: 1. Are you experiencing problems with the layout of this site? 2. Which browser and version are you using? eg. … Continue reading

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You’re Not In Kansas Any More

I was in Hong Kong last week and the contrast between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland always amazes me. It was evening rush hour and there was a line of people waiting at an empty taxi stand. An empty … Continue reading

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Top Commenters Plugin

Sorry, boring technical post but as you can see, I’ve followed James down the rabbit hole and added this top commenters plugin so you can all see who has made the biggest contribution to this site. I’m posting about it … Continue reading

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One Breast Or Two?

The milk scandal continues to escalate as it spreads to more companies and more products, including some well established brands like Nestle. It’s also spread geographically with milk in Singapore testing positive for contaminates. With such widespread contamination, many parents … Continue reading

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Caturday – Cat’s My Boy!

WoAi : “Tommy, look directly at the camera and do not look away till that light flashes, or no dinner for you for a week”. Tommy : “Okay WoAi, can I have mackerel tonight?”. WoAi : “Just shut up for … Continue reading

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