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Maglev Health Hazards

Look at all these rumors running me everyday I just need some time some time to get away from from all these rumors I can’t take it no more – Rumours by The Timex Social Club (1987) I’ve never lived … Continue reading

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Naked Sushi

Although most of my posts focus on China, I do find Japan a fascinating place with some rather “interesting” traditions that are certainly worthy of a mention. For example, I guess everyone’s heard of Enjo-kōsai (compensated dating) where middle aged … Continue reading

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Wo Ai Xiang Gang

View from my aunt’s apartment in Hong Kong’s very exclusive mid-levels district. So I’m back from my 5 day trip to Hong Kong for a family friend’s wedding. The trip itself was smooth and uneventful, except for the slightly mad … Continue reading

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Cold Hard Caturday

Well, I’m in HK but Tommy is still in Shanghai looking after the apartment and keeping it free of vermin. I’ve never understood why, with a comfy bed and sofa, he often prefers to sleep on the hard cold floor … Continue reading

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Gold Digger, Prostitute or Shanghainese?

A good friend of mine has a buddy who is trying to set him up with a girl. The girl is a friend of the buddy’s Shanghainese wife. As part of the process, ths buddy sent my friend a photograph … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Wedding

I’m in Hong Kong for the wedding of a family friend and perhaps a bit of shopping. Not sure if I’ll have internet access so if you’re reading this pre-written post, it means I haven’t succeeded in getting online, or … Continue reading

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No Dogs Or Chinese (Again)

In the days of colonial Shanghai, foreigners ruled the city and Chinese were sometimes relegated to second class citizens. The famous “no dogs or Chinese” outside a hotel sums that up quite well and it’s nice to know this old … Continue reading

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The Readers Decide

What’s in a name? A rose by any other would smell as sweet. – Romeo and Juliet. So folks, as you know, I became an uncle again last Friday and now dear readers, we need your help with the difficult … Continue reading

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Nice One Lewis

Spectators wait for the 2008 Chinese Grand Prix to begin. I went to the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday which is has been held in Shanghai every year since 2004. The state of the art Shanghai track is the world’s most … Continue reading

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A Special Announcement

I apologise for Caturday fans hoping to see the latest pictures of Tommy, but this week’s Caturday has to make way for an important announcement which is going to change my life forever and it has only just happened. So, … Continue reading

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