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Farewell 2008, Thanks For The Memories

It’s hard to believe, but 2008 is coming to an end, and what an eventful year it has been. Of course we’ve had the spectacularly impressive Beijing Olympics, but really that’s only the beginning of a very long list of … Continue reading

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I’m at home in London feeling lazy, hanging out with the family, playing Wii Tennis and eating lots of mum’s tasty home cooked food, which is a rare treat for me.   Here’s a clip of my 4 year old … Continue reading

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WoAi The Scatterbrain

Whenever I come home I always stock up on stuff I can’t get in China – silly things like toothbrushes (try finding a small head with medium bristles in Shanghai!), OTC medicines like antihistamines and, ahem, Immodium and so on. … Continue reading

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You land at your destination tired from the flight, get through immigration quickly enough and look forward to grabbing your bags and heading home.  But wait, they haven’t announced which carousel to go to to pick up your bags even … Continue reading

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Super Sake Session

[Update : Sorry I messed this post up earlier and half of it was missing.  I’ve now added some of the missing elements back, though not all.  I think it’s the time difference in London combined with WordPress’s autosave function … Continue reading

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Caturday Seasons Greetings

Tommy and I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and new year, wherever you may be.  I’m heading to London tomorrow morning to spend Christmas and new year with my family, including my 2 month old niece … Continue reading

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6 Million Graduates For Hire

A lot of people ask me if China is affected by the economic downturn. Well, the answer is a very definite YES. China is no longer isolated. Opening its doors to foreign trade has helped it develop rapidly, but it … Continue reading

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DNA Spit Kits Coming Soon To Shanghai?

I arrived at work this morning in a very fragile state. My head was spinning and I felt like throwing up. “Heavy night?” I hear you ask. Well not exactly, it was more the rough journey in to work. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Cantina Agave, Shanghai’s Finest Mexican

Photo courtesy of T. I’m not a hard core Mexican food freak like many Californians, but I certainly enjoy a good Burrito now and then, and up till now it’s fair to say that Shanghai has been lacking an authentic, … Continue reading

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Shanghai : Pyjama Republic of China

A common sight in Shanghai, but not for much longer. No Shanghai blog is complete without a post about the Shanghainese habit of wearing pyjamas out in the street to go shopping or just to walk around in.  Some of … Continue reading

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