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Caged Caturday

I’ve been in Thailand all week and as it’s new year, my housekeeper is not around to feed Tommy.  So for the first time in almost 4 years, he had to leave the apartment to go stay with a friend.  … Continue reading

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Wo Ai At The Beach

Phi Lay Bay, Phi Phi, Thailand. I just have one more day on Phi Phi before heading back to Shanghai on Saturday.  As requested, a few pictures from this lovely island. Maya Bay, Phi Phi. Today I hired a long … Continue reading

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Wo Ai Bangkok

I thought I’d do a list of likes and dislikes. First the things I like: 1. Cheap as chips – I’m amazed how cheap Bangkok is, considering it’s the capital city. 2. Food – Tasty and spicy, just how I … Continue reading

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Bangkok Baby

I’ve been to Thailand many times, but it’s usually on business which for obvious reasons, isn’t quite the same as coming on holiday. So I’ve been surprised by how much I’m loving Bangkok this time round, so much so that … Continue reading

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Caturday : Happy “Niu” Year

This is the final Caturday of the year of the rat as we prepare to welcome the year of the ox on Monday. It hasn’t been a good year for China with riots in T*bet, earthquakes (yes, plural) in Sichuan … Continue reading

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Boyfriend / Girlfriend For Hire

Yes, the title is a shameless attempt to get a few million extra Google hits to boost my January stats! However, the title also reflects today’s post, so you’re not being duped. Today’s China Daily has a story about a … Continue reading

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So Long Georgie Boy

Just a few more hours to go ….. the movers have come and gone, I guess he’s just having one last look around the White House to make sure he hasn’t left anything. Let the celebrations begin!

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Captain Sullenberger, I Salute You

By now you all will have heard about Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his amazing crash landing with no power in New York City’s Hudson river. Sure it’s got nothing to do with China, but how could I not mention this. … Continue reading

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The Caturday Morning Movie

Question : When is a door not a door? Answer : When it’s ajar! Buildings don’t have central heating in Shanghai, so in the cold winter, I put all my portable oil filled heaters in my bedroom and lock myself … Continue reading

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Patience, Where Art Thou?

I just got back from a short trip to Beijing. I don’t fly as often as I used to, so I notice things again, more than I used to. So what I’d like to know is : why is everyone … Continue reading

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