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BOGOFs, Multi-buys and Cash Rebates At M&S

Most kinds of promotions are not allowed to be combined with other offers.  I found this out the hard way a while ago at a Japanese restaurant chain.  They had an offer of 10 rmb off some fried tofu if … Continue reading

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Caturday – Where’s The Sunshine?

April is just 4 days away and yet it’s still cold, wet and windy. If things don’t improve, Tommy and I are gonna go and be beach bums on Phi Phi Island till the Shanghai clouds (the recession clouds) lift.

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Best In-Hotel Teddy Bear Bargain

I travel a fair bit so I am able to provide readers with a fairly comprehensive update of the latest in room hotel shopping prices which I hope everyone will find helpful. Beijing in-room hotel shopping price list Back in … Continue reading

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M&S : Free Money

Good morning M&S fans.  Just thought I’d let you all know that they’re having a “spend 150 rmb, get 30 rmb off” promotion till 28th March.  It’s basically free money.  Make sure you buy in multiples of 150 rmb to … Continue reading

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Bye Bye YouTube

As of today, the famous video sharing site has been blocked by the Chinese authorities, as reported by the BBC News website, which itself was blocked for many years until recently.

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Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

The Chinese holiday calendar is so complicated it inspired Avril Lavigne to write a song specifically about it.  I think the guy whose job it is to decide the Chinese holiday schedule has a rapidly deteriorating substance abuse problem, because … Continue reading

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Happy (British) Mum’s Day

A recent photo of WoAi with his mum. Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so if any of the Shanghai readers here are from the UK, don’t forget to give your mum a call today.  It’s very easy to … Continue reading

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Tommy’s “Girlfriend” / Sex Slave

Tommy with his long suffering “girlfriend” who he treats rather badly.  Every time I go out, regardless of where she was when I left, when I get home, Tommy’s “girlfriend” is on my bed. Lord knows what Tommy does with … Continue reading

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Cheek Phones

Apologies for the quiet week.  I’ve been travelling again, this time to my “lao jia” hometown of Guangzhou.  Yes, I was born in London, but Chinese people refuse to accept London as a response when they ask where I’m from … Continue reading

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Keeping Up Appearances

Face seems to be a very Chinese concept.  In reality, it’s not exclusively Chinese. Most people – regardless of where they’re from – don’t like being embarrassed or humiliated. But I suppose it’s true that more attention is paid to … Continue reading

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