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WoAi’s Hongkong Stimulus Package

Banking in China continues to amuse and mystify. I took a trip to ICBC bank at lunch time: WoAi: I’d like to withdraw 50,000 RMB please. Clerk: Do you have any ID? WoAi: No. Clerk: Ok. Do you have one … Continue reading

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Mum And Dad At Hangzhou Grandma’s

I quickly needed a place to take my parents for dinner in Hangzhou last Saturday night, and a quick posting on Twitter yielded a few recommendations from one of my blog readers together with some recommended dishes. It turns out … Continue reading

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Meet The Parents (In Hangzhou)

The very next day after my marathon day trip to Guangzhou, I took a train to Hangzhou to catch up with my parents who are touring China all the way from England. Shanghai wasn’t on their itinerary but as Hangzhou … Continue reading

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Cat Castle Caturday

I took this before leaving for work on Thursday morning as he relaxed in his “cat castle” which overlooks the window. He loves the high vantage point where he can watch the world go by. I’m in Hangzhou this weekend … Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Up

This morning on the subway I saw a heartwarming sight – an elderly man and woman got on to the train and two younger men stood up an offered their seat.  The elderly man patted one of the young men … Continue reading

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The Longest Day

Monday’s trip to Beijing was very exhausting, and even without any dramatic delays, it was also very long and stressful for all the usual reasons: 1. The guy sat next to me elbowing my ribs every 2 minutes (how can … Continue reading

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Back To The Jing

Chaoyang Road, Beijing, 3rd April 2005. I’m off to Beijing today. It’s a day trip which means getting up at before 6am to catch the 8am flight and then (hopefully) catching the 8pm flight from Beijing back to Shanghai, which … Continue reading

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Hot WoAi’s Fashion Friday

Thanks to Shopgirl for sharing this fun site. For Formula One fans going to the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend, have a great time and don’t forget to bring ear plugs.  For the rest of you, have a great weekend.

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You May Now Kiss The Bride (But That’s All!)

Firstly let me get the medical round up out the way – my ankle is MUCH better. The swelling has gone down a lot, there’s some bruising of course, but that’s not a big problem, and I am almost walking … Continue reading

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WoAi Sidelined

Well, now I have the Twitter feed it almost seems pointless to write new posts as you can all just see what’s going on from the sidebar.  So you all know I twisted my ankle very badly Sunday night while … Continue reading

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