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Cook With WoAi Sunday

Salade Nicoise A La Wo Ai – total cost excluding the tuna, around 2 rmb! The 3 day dragon boat festival (Thursday to Saturday) has just come to an end and I enjoyed some quality time at home with Tommy … Continue reading

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

It’s been a while since I lived in England but I’m starting to realise English people are excessively polite, or maybe I’ve just been in China too long and have lost my manners. I was at Elements Fresh last night … Continue reading

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Wiggy’s 40th (Oh And I Think It’s Dingle’s Birthday Too!)

Last Saturday was the 40th birthday of Wiggy, a good friend of Dingle, Swiss James and myself. He’s based in Dubai now but opted to spend this landmark birthday with the 3 people who know how to party, so he … Continue reading

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Space, The Final Intellectual Property Frontier

Well I’ve been a bit slow getting around to seeing the hottest movie of the moment, but last night I finally got down to the cinema to see the new Star Trek movie. As expected from director JJ Abrams, it’s … Continue reading

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My Lemon Tea

Yesterday was one of those nights where everyone was either busy with their lovers and girlfriends or washing their hair, so I had dinner alone after a long day at the office. The waitress took my order and the order … Continue reading

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WoAi’s 41st Birthday Party

After the big 40th last year, I thought I’d tone it down a bit and just have a small intimate birthday party.  This was my 4th Shanghai birthday party after Red Room (2006), Bonbon (2007), Attica (2008).  Attica is now … Continue reading

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We’re Gonna Party Like ….

Hmmm, I’m not being a very good blogger these last few weeks for which I apologise. I don’t exactly have an abundance of free time today either but thought I ought to post a few words on the twentieth anniversary … Continue reading

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Too Busy To FCUK

I think I had a tee shirt from FCUK (French Connection UK) once that had that written on the front. It was cool at the time until they overused the pun till everyone was sick of it. Anyway, this isn’t … Continue reading

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Cute Asian Girls iPhone Application

It was just a few weeks ago that Apple were in hot water with their approved Baby Shaker application for the iPhone which encouraged users to shake a baby till it dies (seriously guys, what were you thinking)! But the … Continue reading

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WoAi Goes Nuts In The SAR

WoAi and mum after Sunday lunch at ZEN @ Hong Kong’s Pacific Place. What a weekend in Hong Kong – shopping, eating, hanging out with mum, and of course, ALMOST getting quarantined. Oh and did I mention shopping and eating? … Continue reading

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