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WoAi Can Cook : Shepherd’s Pie

Chinese food is of course the best food in the world, but every now and then, everybody needs a little break from it. England is not best known for its cuisine, but as I grew up in England, I do … Continue reading

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WoAi Goes Through The Round Window (Almost)

There’s a scene in excellent TV show Californication (season one, episode one) where David Duchovny’s character Hank is in a cinema and some jerk starts chatting on his mobile in the middle of the movie. Hank asks the guy to … Continue reading

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Caturday On The (Repaired) Sofa

Tommy’s very happy now that the sofa in the new apartment has been repaired. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Fashion Friday : The Backpack

One of my pet fashion peeves is the common practice here of wearing a backpack in front rather than on the back. It seems to be popular with girls and guys alike and looks equally silly on either gender. It’s … Continue reading

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WoAi Pays It Forward (And Regrets It)

I came out of a meeting the other day and needed to get a taxi to my next meeting across town. It was about 37 degrees, which means it takes about 2 minutes to get drenched in sweat. There was … Continue reading

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2.6 Billion Retinas Spared

9.16am : tourists waiting for the big moment to arrive. So here it is, the Shanghai total solar eclipse post. The forecast predicted cloud and rain and sadly, they weren’t wrong. As we approached the time of the total eclipse … Continue reading

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TSE Shanghai

There’s a very famous cashmere brand called TSE, but I’m of course referring to tomorrow’s total solar eclipse which will start at 8.23am here in Shanghai and end at around 11.01am. We’ll enjoy a total eclipse for around 5 minutes … Continue reading

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1001 Movies (You Must See Before You Die)

Have you ever been stuck for something to watch? I got this book a while back and it’s a brilliant source of inspiration if you’re ever stuck for something to watch. The movies are listed in chronological order starting from … Continue reading

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Shocking Remedies

I was shocked to read that China has banned electric shock treatment used to cure youngsters that have become addicted to the Internet. Surely this is a step in the wrong direction. They should be introducing more electric shock treatments … Continue reading

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Autumn Repairs

It’s a month and a half since I moved to my new apartment. When I viewed the apartment the only requirement I had was to change the sofa. It was so well used that it had very deep impressions in … Continue reading

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