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Thanks, But No Thanks

The Internet connection at my office is not the best. If people send large attachments, say 5-10MB, it can take all morning to download, because the connection is often broken half way through and needs to start again. This is … Continue reading

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Down On The Street

Tommy LOVES sitting by the window and watching all the street action below.

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Fashion Friday : Mad Men Season 3

Mr WoAi senior (left) outside Buckingham Palace, London in full Mad Men costume (and Mrs WoAi senior next to him), circa 1965. Many of you enjoyed my now and then photo a few days ago, so here’s one of WoAi … Continue reading

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Episode 3 – More Of What You Want

We’ve listened to all the feedback and incorporated them in to the brand new, fresh from the box, episode 3. More Ukulele, more hot Asian babes, more Cliff Richard songs, more enunciation and we even let Dingle speak (get it, … Continue reading

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The Night Of Sevens

Today is the 7th day or the 7th moon (month) according to the lunar calendar, which is known as Qixi Festival (七夕节) or night of the sevens. But it’s also known as the Chinese Valentines Day, so Chinese couples (and … Continue reading

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Now And Then

Kew Gardens, London, November 1990 (left) and Shanghai, May 2009, 19 years later. Where did the years go?

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Mr & Mrs Bund

No extravagant Champagne brunches for me this weekend following an overdose last week. But I’ve been meaning to to try “modern French eatery” Mr & Mrs Bund for quite a while and finally headed down there after work on, … Continue reading

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Caturday Storm

For the 5th, yes FIFTH day running, thunder storms roar across the grey Shanghai skies. What else is there to do but stretch out on the coffee table, relax and dream of catching mice.

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Le Weekend Est Ici, Again

Well I have to apologise for the lack of posts this week. It’s budgeting season at work so I’ve been working late in to the night most nights, then there was the podcast recording, updates to the photoblog and before … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 2!

The Gang Of 3 are back with another entertaining podcast. This week we review some local wines and some “interesting” potato chip flavours and discuss our respective weekend activities. There’s also a brief cameo by Tommy, who speaks for the … Continue reading

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