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Sorry, No Chinese (again)

One of our clients arranged a high level meeting with us and only our global CEO and head of Asia was invited. Like many multinational organisations operating in China, our global head is western, but our Asia head is actually … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Noise From 802

I have frequent discussions with various people about what’s good about living in China and what I miss. Well, one thing I do miss is the peace and quiet of England compared to the constant noise pollution of a city … Continue reading

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You’re Hired

I’ve been interviewing for staff recently. It’s a very painful, time consuming exercise, but the consolation is knowing that ample blog material will be generated. Here’s a taste of some of them: Case 1: WoAi : Why did you leave … Continue reading

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A few days ago I arrived at my office and realised that someone had been in my office. Several items were in the wrong place. After discussions with the building security, they reviewed literally hours of closed ciruit tv footage … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 11

That’s right, bingo fans, we’re already on legs eleven but time is running out now that James has announced his retirement from the Gang Of 3. How many more can we squeeze in before he leaves and more importantly, does … Continue reading

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WoAi Recommends …. Michael Jackson’s This Is It

This Is It is the new documentary movie which was made using video footage from the rehearsals for what was to be Michael Jackson’s comeback concert at the London O2 Arena last July. Michael of course passed away in June … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace Uncle 6

Uncle 6 (back row, 2nd from left) and a young WoAi somewhere in the front row. Mum and dad are either side of grandma. Friday the 13th usually passes without anything bad happening, but last Friday, my 6th uncle (my … Continue reading

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Technical Update – Now With Email Notification

Here at WoAiZhongGuo we’re constantly striving to improve the service we offer our millions of loyal readers. So, just in case you haven’t noticed it, I’ve added a notification box at the bottom of the page so if you leave … Continue reading

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Another Week, Another Caturday

If you look very closely you should be able to spot Tommy somewhere in this photograph despite his best attempts to hide inside a brown paper bag. Hilariously, because he can’t see me, he assumes I can’t see him, so … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 10

Yes, we’re already at the 10th episode. This week we discuss scary Halloween, Dingle’s deformed foot, spitting, haircuts and of course the now obligatory toilet humour. Oh and of course, a terrifyingly spooky Halloween song for all to enjoy. And … Continue reading

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