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WoAi Says Farewell 2009

Here we are again, the end of another year. I won’t do a full review, but here are a few highlights from 2009: Part of the CCTV building burned down thanks to some idiots who decided that it would be … Continue reading

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Akmal Shaikh, RIP

I was saddened to read that at 10.30am yesterday, China executed Briton Akmal Shaikh after he was caught with 4kg of heroin in his luggage as he entered China in 2007. The British government has angrily condemned the execution and … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings From WoAi

Well here we are again, Christmas Day. Most of you will be enjoying a nice family dinner, gathering round the fireplace and drifting off to sleep in armchairs. Not me though. I’m working a full day (Christmas is not a … Continue reading

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Volvo, Welcome To The Party!

So following the sale by General Motors of that all-American icon Hummer to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd, Ford confirmed the sale of Swedish car brand Volvo to Zhejiang based Geely. My favourite part of the story was … Continue reading

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Dead Again

In July I read that MJ had passed away and it’s one of those moments where you read the headline then read it again because you can’t believe what you just read. Well, it happened again on Monday when I … Continue reading

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Christmas Dinner At Dingle’s

I usually go home to London for Christmas but this year I’m staying in Shanghai. I’ll be missing out on mum’s Christmas roast dinner with the family, but fortunately, there are a few friends organising Christmas activities right here in … Continue reading

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Brasa Rotisserie Chicken

This place has been getting good reviews so I thought I’d make the trip over to check it out. For those of you with your head in the sand, this is yet another Eduardo Vargas restaurant. It’s hard to keep … Continue reading

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Krispy Kreme Shanghai Now Open

I passed by on Sunday and although the lights were on and they were making doughnuts, they weren’t open. I was amazed at the endless stream of people walking up to the door to ask when they will be opening. … Continue reading

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Shopgirl Turns 22

WoAi with Shopgirl and Dingle. So Shopgirl reached the ripe old age of 22 yesterday and held a party at the Barbie Store on Saturday night. Among the many guests were many of Shanghai’s blog community. Shanghai food and fashion … Continue reading

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This is all he does, all day, all night. I’m a little surprised that nobody has complained that I haven’t posted in over a week. I’ve been sick, which will be evident when you listen to the next podcast, although … Continue reading

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