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50% Off Again @ Lawry’s

Well I posted last February about Enjoy’s special offer of 50% off at Lawry’s and they’ve repeated the offer all January for 2010. That’s right, show up with your Enjoy card and get 50% off, that’s half, when you order … Continue reading

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Fee Waiver, Again

Every year HSBC charges me 550 dollars (that’s Hongkong dollars) as an “annual fee” for the privilege of having their credit card in my wallet. Every year, I called them and politely ask them to cancel my card if they … Continue reading

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Road Rage And Bad Breath

My number one absolute pet peeve is when stubborn taxi drivers refuse to listen to my instructions and either go the route they think is best (then we end up stuck in traffic for an extra 20 minutes) or in … Continue reading

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Avatar Banned?

Well actually, no, it has not been banned, but that is how the western media seem to be reporting this news. It appears that the 2D version is being withdrawn, but the 3D version is still going strong. Now riddle … Continue reading

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High Tea At M On The Bund

The bottom two layers of scones and cakes If you get up too late for brunch or, as in my case last Sunday, get up early but spend too long mincing around on the Internet, there are a few places … Continue reading

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Bemused In Beijing

Chas and Pete (not Dave), two of my English friends living in Beijing are performing a second gig this Friday, 22nd January as part of Muse tribute band Bemused. So if you find yourself in Beijing this Friday night and … Continue reading

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WoAi Recommends …. The Wonder Girls

If you’ve been to any club in Shanghai in the last few months, it’s impossible not to have heard this tune being played at least once during the evening. But if you don’t have Shazam on your iPhone, you might … Continue reading

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3D Madness

It seems China has gone mad for James Cameron’s latest movie, Avatar. I passed the IMAX in Raffles City on Thursday at around 1am and there were people camped out to buy tickets (the above photo wasn’t taken by me … Continue reading

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New Year Caturday

I know, it’s not a good reflection on me when you can count on one hand the number of posts I’ve written so far this year, so apologies for that. Work has been super busy and it doesn’t look like … Continue reading

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First Post Of 2010

So it’s new years day in Shanghai. What better way to start the year than to go shopping for a new laptop computer … in your slippers and pyjamas! What I especially love is how the slippers match the pyjamas, … Continue reading

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