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WoAi Pret A Manger

This is an open letter to the management of Pret A Manger: Dear Sir, I love the simplicity of your products. Simple basic sandwiches made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Every time I visit Hong Kong (or England), a stop … Continue reading

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Money’s Too Tight To Mention

I’m in HK (again) for a family wedding dinner and as quite a few relatives have flown in from all over, I’m staying a few days to spend more time with them. As I was checking in to the hotel … Continue reading

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Spectacularly Stupid

No, this post is NOT about British Airways cabin crew who are on strike because they aren’t happy that the airline is making cutbacks as business suffers because of the recession. But while I’m on the topic, taking strike action … Continue reading

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Hostelling At McDonalds Gone Wrong

hostelling at mcdonalds, originally uploaded by dingadingdang. Shanghai is by and large a very safe city. In all my years here I’ve never encountered any kind of violence or threatening behaviour, other than with taxi drivers that is! But of … Continue reading

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China Burger Battles

Shanghai has Carl’s Jr, but as of today, Beijing has California-based Fatburger which opened amidst considerable fanfare from bloggers and media (CNN were there for the opening apparently). Beijing’s certainly come a long way from those early days when I … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the 4th Sunday of Lent, which means (in Britain) it’s mother’s day. Lots of Brits living in China will forget because there’s no reminder of it here. I believe the Chinese follow the Americans and celebrate some time … Continue reading

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Lost Fries? Oh No, There They Are!

As we once ordered McDonalds live on our podcast, I can’t deny I occasionally surrender to the urge to eat junk food, mainly as it’s convenient when I don’t have time to go out myself to buy some lunch. So … Continue reading

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Oscar Night 2010

Yes folks, the Oscars are happening RIGHT NOW (it’s still Sunday night in Yankee Doodle Land), hosted this year by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin (both stars of romantic comedy It’s Complicated). In fact, they just started. Who will win … Continue reading

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The Longest Night

My flight back from HK to Shanghai was probably the worst flying experience I have encountered, and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences. We were due to leave HK at 7pm when I went to the … Continue reading

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Annoying Yoshinoya

You may or may not be familiar with Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya. They have many outlets in north America and China, selling mainly chicken and beef rice sets in a fast food format. I don’t go often, it’s not … Continue reading

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