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Expo Baby!

Well, after years of preparation, Shanghai is finally ready for the 2010 World Expo and guess who has a ticket for the opening day tomorrow! I haven’t been this excited since I went to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The … Continue reading

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Restaurant Week @ JW Marriott

It’s currently restaurant week in Shanghai and I decided to try the JW Marriott Grill, taking advantage of the 250 rmb promotion to try somewhere new. On arrival, I announced to the receptionist that I had a reservation through the … Continue reading

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Caturday At The Movies

We’re taking you wayyyyy back to 2005. This was in July, days after I first found Tommy on the street outside my house on that fateful day. The clip is on YouTube so if you are in China you will … Continue reading

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Happy (English) National Day

Yes, today is Saint George’s Day, England’s national day, although it’s not really acknowledged as much as China’s national day which falls in October. In England we certainly don’t start wheeling out all our weapons and parade them down the … Continue reading

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That Stupid Volcano

Are there any readers who don’t know what I’m referring to? A friend who is stuck in London mentioned he was stuck for the 4th day in London and one of his friends asked “why?”! Yes, it’s the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano … Continue reading

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Caturday Nerves

Every time I take Tommy out of my apartment he goes completely crazy. If I take him in to the elevator he digs his claws in to me so deep he usually draws blood and then he usually tries to … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 14

It’s been so long I can’t even remember how to spell podcast, but here it is, the episode many thought would never happen, the very first post-Swiss podcast. That’s right, the Gang Of 3 is now the Gang Of 2. … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietnam

A recent article in the South China Morning Post covered the recent rising trend for Chinese men to go to Vietnam to find wives. It’s common knowledge that China’s one child policy, combined with the Chinese traditional view that a … Continue reading

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