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Podcast Episode 16

As Dingle’s birthday week comes to an end, it seems appropriate to release a special birthday edition podcast with live clips from both WoAi and Dingle’s birthday parties. Listen and get to know a few of our friends. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dingle

Yes that’s right, just a couple of weeks ago, I turned 28 and today, Dingle turns 38. Hard to believe he’s only ten years older than me, but I guess that’s the beauty of being Asian! As I’m now travelling … Continue reading

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M&S Shanghai Going Downhill?

British retailer M&S opened their first store in Shanghai (their first on the Chinese mainland) in October 2008. There were problems with the stock or rather, the lack of stock, as many customers found only empty shelves when they went … Continue reading

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Podcast Episode 15

It’s been a long time coming, I guess many podcast fans have given up, but for those of you still here, here’s the long awaited follow up to Episode 14. We’ve decided to call it Episode 15 although we did … Continue reading

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Bra Unhooking Competition

I thought this had to be worth a mention, especially since I just got back late last night from a trip to Guangdong province. A mall in Guangzhou held a competition to see if anyone could undo 8 bras in … Continue reading

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WoAi Turns 42

Yes, it’s already been a year since the last big bash at Lounge 18. This year I wanted something fairly relaxed and chilled so I booked 3 tables for 10pm at Barbarosa in People’s Park.

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WoAi At The Expo (Part 2)

Next to the UK pavilion was the Dutch pavilion. It’s dubbed “happy street” and I guess the idea here was for it to be fun and not too serious. It was the only pavilion that wasn’t actually open when I … Continue reading

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WoAi At The Expo (Part 1)

The UK pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo Ow, ow, ow! That’s what I say every time I try to walk. My feet are in a very delicate state after 12 hours of walking the 5 square kilometre Expo site … Continue reading

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Expo Caturday

Yes folks, today is the first day of the six month 2010 Shanghai World Expo. I’m at the Expo today but Tommy’s staying at home to catch up on his beauty sleep. I took this last night as I was … Continue reading

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