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Trust Issues

I caught up with a friend recently who I hadn’t seen for over 2 years. As part of the catching up discussion, she mentioned that part of the reason she hasn’t been in touch is that for a while, she … Continue reading

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Looking For Blow Jobs

From time to time I check the logs to see how people arrive at my site. The results never fail to amuse. It’s interersting also that this particular person was looking for blow jobs at 8.29am …. on a Monday … Continue reading

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Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

I quite like seafood and when I lived in Beijing I regularly went to a very good Cantonese seafood place for my fix of shrimp, lobster, scallops, steamed fish, razor clams and crab. After 5 years in Shanghai I never … Continue reading

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Caturday Behind Bars

Tommy is always finding new places to chill for hours and hours. His latest favourite place appears to be by the window between the wooden posts. The fact he’s exposed to the glaring heat from the summer sun doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Gung-Ho In Guangzhou

Here’s a video of a robber holding a hostage and subsequently being shot 4 times by a plain clothes police officer. There seems to be some controversy about the fact the police woman shot the guy an additional 3 times … Continue reading

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HSBC : Local Knowledge vs Customer Knowledge

I got an international phone call last night at 7pm. Caller ID doesn’t usually work for international calls so I didn’t know who it was calling. The conversation went like this: WoAi : Hello? Caller : Hello, is this Miss … Continue reading

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From NYC to Beijing – Central Perk

Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Joey enjoying a few lattes at Beijing’s Central Perk On my way back from Guangzhou I read with interest in the free China Daily that some enterprising Friends fan had opened a copy of the famous … Continue reading

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When You Say Nothing At All

Another fun business trip to Guangzhou. My last trip was to Shenzhen a few months ago and I ended up being delayed about 7 hours arriving at home well after midnight. I was hoping lightening wouldn’t strike twice, but alas, … Continue reading

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Caturday – 5 Happy Years

How time flies! We’ve been together for 5 happy years now, since July 2005. Here’s a short video clip of a young Tommy exploring his new home when he first came to live with me and his first frightening experience … Continue reading

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M&S Opens Second Shanghai Store

Almost 2 years after opening it’s first mainland China store in Shanghai, M&S now have two, the second store being in the touristy Yu Gardens. It seems like an odd location choice to open a second store. I was expecting … Continue reading

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