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Caturday Money Box

I saw this the other day in a shop. I like it because Tommy paws at things in exactly the same way as this cat.

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Going Nowhere Fast

When I lived in London we used to complain about the traffic. You’d often hear someone complain they’d been stuck in traffic for an hour. In China of course, all the numbers are bigger – bigger GDP, bigger number of … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Pudong Skyline

New readers here may not realise that photography is one of my great passions. Well, it used to be. But between work, partying and keeping this blog thing going, I haven’t had much chance to take many pictures. From my … Continue reading

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Caturday : Tommy’s First Words

He may be over five years old but he’s only just learned how to speak!

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Telephone Addict

I like to play pool from time to time, so the other night I was enjoying a few frames with a friend but was distracted by the guy on the next table. He had a Bluetooth earpiece attached to his … Continue reading

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Vintage WoAi : 3 Jan 1979

Here’s another classic early WoAi “blog” entry from January 1979: “Dad said we are not allowed to buy sweets anymore without asking him because we ate sweets just before lunch. The sweets were Tooty Frooties and Freshen-Ups” I think it’s … Continue reading

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Japan, Step Aside

In 2007, China overtook Germany to become the world’s 3rd largest economy, but now, it’s officially the world’s number two economy, having overtaken Japan (the second largest economy since 1968 – the year I was born) in quarter 2 of … Continue reading

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Shanghai Restaurant Week – Summer Edition

Yes it’s back again after a successful first run, many of Shanghai’s top restaurants (and some of the not so top ones too) will be offering food lovers the chance to enjoy a three course dinner for a mere 238 … Continue reading

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Caturday, Faturday

Around 65 to 70 percent of Americans are overweight and about one third of Americans are obese (having a body mass index above 30). That’s a pretty shocking set of statistics. I’m now starting to suspect Tommy is in fact … Continue reading

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Oh Canada!

The longer I live in China the more I am thankful my parents made the decision all those years ago to move to England. I hear many stories of horrific experiences Chinese friends have when trying to apply for visas … Continue reading

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