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Happy Halloween

I’ve had a busy weekend so far and it’s only Sunday morning! It started Friday with an overnight trip to Chongming Island with people from work (more on this next week) and then after getting back late afternoon on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Party Every Day

I’m off on a company outing today so I had to do my weekend partying last night. Ok, who am I kidding, I party every night of the week, but even more so this week as July, one of my … Continue reading

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Customs Crackdown On iPhone Smuggling

A word of warning for China travellers who have iPhones and / or iPads – The South China Morning Post says that Chinese customs is cracking down aggressively and taxing anyone bringing in the popular Apple devices: Customs officials across … Continue reading

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Berry Bistro

Brunch was arranged for Sunday at 12.30pm at Berry Bistro by three of my girlfriends – the same three girls I took to Flair a few weeks ago. I’d never heard of it (and I like to think I have … Continue reading

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Cereal Caturday

Tommy and WoAi having a bowl of cereal (Post Bran Flakes) on this rainy Caturday morning. The last picture I put up drew a lot of speculation about the person taking the photo so to avoid a repeat of this, … Continue reading

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One Million

The 6 month World Expo is on its last legs. Ticket holders have until Sunday to use their tickets. Then for the final week, only special ticket holders for the specific days will be allowed to enter. Because of this, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Sighting In Beijing

On my way back from Beijing last Thursday night, there was a big commotion and crowds were gathering to gawk at this well know celebrity. See how many seconds in to the clip before you recognise him. One of my … Continue reading

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Caturday Cam

Tommy and WoAi, eyes wide shut I arrived home the other night after an exhausting two day trip to Beijing and just collapsed on my bed. The next morning as I was checking my email, I found this photo in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bro

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother – school photo taken around 1979 London, around 1984 Toronto, Canada – August 1986 (WoAi aged 18) My kid brother is 39 today. One more year till the big FOUR ZERO! Happy birthday bro.

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Caturday Yin & Yang

I was out last night walking along Fumin Lu and spotted a pure white and a pure black cat. They were sleeping on a chair on the street in an almost perfect yin yang formation. The white cat had his … Continue reading

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