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WoAi Bids Farewell To 2010

All that’s left of the London snow in WoAi’s front garden Well it’s suddenly December 31st and 2010 is disappearing almost as quickly as the snow in London. So without further ado, here’s WoAi’s roundup of the year. There’s a … Continue reading

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The Peking Pound

First day of the Harrods sale in London I’m only in London for a short time and because of the holidays, there are only 3 working days in the entire trip to get things done (today, tomorrow and Friday). But … Continue reading

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Photo Review Of 2010

If like me, you enjoy photography and have a bad memory, you will most certainly enjoy The Big Picture, a photographic look back on the major events of this year that is about to come to an end. This is … Continue reading

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Welcome Back To Britain

It’s of course lovely to be back, but as with any place, Britain has it’s fair share of irritating things. Occasionally I get angry Chinese readers on my blog who take offence at the negative China posts, but there’s really … Continue reading

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The Road Home

After a 5 day delay, the journey back to London was pretty smooth. Knowing there would be no opportunity to do any Christmas shopping in London, I had one last Christmas gift to buy and picked up a nice bottle … Continue reading

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London Baby, Maybe!

So finally, I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Shanghai¬†airport waiting to board flight BA169 heading for London. What a week it’s been. I’ve been fairly calm, although yesterday for the first time I started imagining being home for Christmas … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Text from BA yesterday morning to tell me the flight was cancelled So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s flights were all cancelled. BA don’t fly on Wednesday to London from SH and Thursday’s flight not surprisingly, is fully booked. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas From …. Shanghai

Well, some of you will already know from my tweets that my flight was canceled on Sunday morning. The plane never left London so I felt it wasn’t worth showing up at the airport hoping to get away. I called … Continue reading

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‘Twas The Caturday Before Christmas

I’m flying to London tomorrow, weather permitting. Most of England is covered in snow after a fresh round of snowfall yesterday and many airports have been closed, so let’s see if I get held up or diverted. If all goes … Continue reading

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The view from WoAi’s apartment this morning So as predicted by those weather people a day earlier, Shanghai has its first snowfall this winter. It’s so cold in my office I had to start a small fire in my room … Continue reading

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