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Li Na Under Pressure

I rarely go to watch movies in Shanghai. Based on previous experiences, I always seem to end up with someone talking on his or her mobile phone at the top of their voice for 20 minutes, or (the last time … Continue reading

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Cold Caturday

The slither of red you see in the picture is part of the label of an FCUK tee shirt that’s covering Tommy. It doesn’t have a caption but if it did it would say “Too Cold To FCUK”. Summer can’t … Continue reading

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Airline Punctuality Stats – The Chinese Way

So here’s a little pop quiz – what percentage of flights in China depart on time? 50%? 75%? As a reference point, in the 9 months to September 2010, about 74% of flights from London’s Heathrow took off within 15 … Continue reading

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All Rise

That’s right folks, UK “pop sensation” Blue are coming to Shanghai for an exclusive performance at M1NT. Oh hang on, sorry, it was last night. Shame! They were big a decade ago while I was living in Beijing, but they … Continue reading

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The Little (Fat, Spoiled) Prince

I flew back from Beijing yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, thinking that the flight would at least be more pleasant with less people and it certainly seemed that way when I boarded. The seat next to me and … Continue reading

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Hu’s Coming To Dinner

I generally try to steer clear of politics here, but as you know, the Chinese president is currently being hosted by US president Obama in Washington and well, isn’t it kind of funny that Mr Hu puts one Nobel prize … Continue reading

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Are You “Trenta” Killa Me With Caffeine?

In coffee news, Starbucks has decided to reinforce its quantity over quality approach to coffee by announcing the introduction (in America, where else!) of their new “trenta” cup size which is big enough to swim in at almost a litre … Continue reading

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Mr Apple Steps Down

This I have to admit, was a bit of a shock. Apple’s CEO and founder has announced he’s taking indefinite leave on medical grounds from the company that makes the iPhone and iPad. Someone said to me at lunch that … Continue reading

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Taurus Till I Die

Tell me, how many of you have had conversations that go something like this: WoAi : Yes, I’ve been living in Shanghai for 6 years. I’m not a big fan of change, I like staying in my comfort zone. Acquaintance … Continue reading

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Caturday Courting

Tommy hanging in his crib with his long suffering “girlfriend”, the green giraffe. No Amy Chua-style parenting from me. He can see who he wants, do what he wants (and who he wants!) watch TV all day, and if he … Continue reading

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