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Party People

Well it was just a few days ago someone mentioned all the photos I put up here of me out on the town surrounded by beautiful girls and I realised as we reach the end of the first quarter of … Continue reading

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Cambridge Caturday

Caturday again! Am I the only one who is shocked by how quickly a week goes by? Given the current escalating conflict in Libya, it didn’t seem appropriate to put up a …… oh who cares, the news is increasingly … Continue reading

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Guide To Dating Chinese Girls

I found this very amusing and fairly accurate post about Chinese dating culture which should be of particular interest to westerners who are currently enjoying the life of Reilly here in China. Consequently, no matter how average or even well … Continue reading

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WoAi’s Personal Hotspot

This post can be filed under “useful info for geeks”. I’ve just updated my iPhone operating system to the latest 4.3 version. One new feature is what Apple calls “personal hotspot”. What this does is allow you to use the … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Civility

There have been many articles written in the last few days about how civilised the Japanese have remained despite a disaster of unimaginable proportions being inflicted on their nation. People who have lost everything they own line up in an … Continue reading

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Caturday Returns

Hui Hui and Tommy seem to be like an old couple these days. Hui Hui follows Tommy everywhere and although Tommy pretends to be irritated, I think he secretly likes it. Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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Salt Of The Earth

More Chinese silliness resulting from the crisis in Japan I’m afraid. Cities across China, including Shanghai, are experiencing a run on salt of all things, because the Chinese are afraid China’s salt supply will be contaminated by radiation from the … Continue reading

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Shanghai’s 3rd Apple Store Opens

I don’t know about you guys, but this has been an exhausting, stressful blogging week so today I’m keeping it light hearted and steering away from controversy (for one more day at least). News just in, Apple has just opened … Continue reading

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Inspirational Ray Towler

After the last post, I thought I’d balance things out by linking to this inspirational Shawshank-esque story of Ray Towler which has nothing to do with Japan, China or cats, so hopefully nobody will be offended. Lord knows we need … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

I couldn’t really put up a cute Caturday picture with what’s been happening in Japan. It wouldn’t be right with devastation and loss of life on such a large scale. You can read all about it on the front page … Continue reading

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