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Will and Kate-urday

In honour of the big royal wedding yesterday, I drank copious amounts of Laphroaig 10 year old whisky with a Cuban cigar at home last night, then went to karaoke (and another bottle of whisky) till 5am, then slept in … Continue reading

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Apple Friday

It’s Apple Friday! Sorry but there’s 3 pieces of Apple news all coming out today so I couldn’t resist. Firstly, almost a whole year after the iPhone 4 was launched, the white version is finally released. Secondly, the iPad 2, … Continue reading

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Jimmy’s Back

Jimmy’s Kitchen was supposedly the first expat restaurant to open in Shanghai way back in the 1920s when I was just a young lad in high school (yes, pre-empting any age jokes as I know what my readers are like). … Continue reading

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Easter Caturday

Tommy and Hui Hui do everything in pairs and that includes zonking out on the sofa, one on each side of my as I write up my blog posts late in to the night after a hard days work for … Continue reading

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Something For The Weekend

Today is of course Good Friday, the day we commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross. Obviously not much mention of that here in Shanghai (we all have to work today and Monday), but I thought I’d mention it … Continue reading

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The Furious Ninja And The Excavator

I just got back from one night in Beijing (yes, just like the song!). Travelling around in China seems to be getting more intolerable, mainly because there seem to be so many more people travelling these days and delays seem … Continue reading

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No Deed, No Dates

I enjoyed reading this article from the NY Times the other day. It’s nothing new. We’ve discussed this phenomenon a few times here about how many Chinese girls (yes, yes, I know, not ALL) will refuse to marry someone who … Continue reading

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Happy Campers

I looked, and saw that outside the store sat a small group of Chinese men and women ready with camping chairs and apparently all the time in the world, preparing for a chilly night on New York’s streets as they … Continue reading

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Gaga @ M1NT Shanghai

Firstly, congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday in Shanghai and stopping Vettel from running away with a third consecutive win. Although it was a Sunday night, I popped down to M1NT for an F1 after … Continue reading

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Caturday Triptych

Having pets is not for those with a weak heart. Sudden noises in the night are common, as is the feeling something has just brushed against your leg while you’re eating dinner. And of course, the strange moving bag as … Continue reading

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