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Buongiorno or buenos días? Don Corleone or Don Quixote?

I noticed this ad on one of Shanghai’s entertainment websites and instantly thought “ah yes, another Italian restaurant opens in Shanghai”. But on closer inspection, I realise they’re offering “Spanish Asia cuisine”. I have nothing against either Spanish or Asian … Continue reading

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Silence, S’il Vous Plait

So I’m in the lounge at Guangzhou airport waiting to fly back to Shanghai after a morning client meeting and 90 minutes sleep Sunday night. I deserve to be a little cranky but I’m actually feeling quite good, knowing I’ll … Continue reading

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Caturday Exhaustion

Apologies once again for the low volume of posts. Unfortunately, I’ve lost two staff members who have yet to be replaced, so I’m basically doing 3 people’s jobs at the moment as well as the part time blogging job and … Continue reading

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Shoot Me Now

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. I thought the world was ending last Saturday so I didn’t really plan any further posts beyond Caturday! So anyway, on to today’s topic – I spotted this cute couple while at … Continue reading

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Caturday Night Live

Apologies for the late hour delivery of this week’s Caturday. I’ve been travelling since Tuesday morning and only just returned home from Guangzhou and Beijing. It’s hard to believe it was just this time last week I was entertaining guests … Continue reading

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WoAi Goes Postal

I got a notice last month about a failed attempt to deliver a letter to me at my apartment. But being the busy young workaholic executive that I am (with of course a healthy social calendar), I only just managed … Continue reading

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WoAi At 43

So here we are again, another year since the last birthday party which seems like only yesterday. The venue this year was the lounge at Kathleen’s 5 at the top of the Shanghai Art Museum, literally next to last year’s … Continue reading

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Birthday Caturday Weekend

Tommy: What do you want for your birthday, WoAi? WoAi : I’d love it if you and Huihui could just get along peacefully. Tommy : I think we can manage that. But just for the weekend!

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Birthday Month

There seem to be a lot of birthdays in May. Last night we celebrated one of my friends (above) with a dinner just for the girls, before moving on to The Apartment for their free Champagne ladies night. Another friend … Continue reading

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Old Meat

A few days ago, a vigilant reporter with the Shanghai TV Station shopping at Carrefour’s Zhangjiang outlet in Pudong chanced upon what she thought was weird behaviour by a Carrefour employee, and whipped out her mobile phone. She captured on … Continue reading

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