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Angry Birds Mooncakes

With the beginning of restaurant week just a few days away, I thought we’d stick with the food related posts this week. Hands up if you like the highly addictive Angry Birds game that has made gazillionaires out of the … Continue reading

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Restaurant Week Preview : Nanbantei Robatayaki

Shanghai restaurant week starts in exactly one week from today, so if you haven’t already booked yourself in for some great value meals, you’d better get cracking before all the best seats are booked. I’ve been invited by the organisers … Continue reading

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Caturday On The Computer

There are 1001 things about cat behaviour I don’t understand. One of them is how they seem to like lying on the least comfortable surfaces. I mean, there’s a huge bed, a soft sofa, cushions. But Tommy loves sleeping on … Continue reading

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Goodbye Mr Jobs, It’s Been Amazing

It’s pretty difficult to not have heard the news yesterday that Apple’s CEO and founder, Steve Jobs, has resigned as CEO and although no specific reason was given, it’s safe to assume it’s due to his poor health. As a … Continue reading

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Restaurant Week Is Here Again

It’s that time of the year again food lovers – many of the popular places are already booked up but they’ve also just added extra seats so if you’re lucky you might get a table at Sir Elly’s or one … Continue reading

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People Sea

This is a photo from an indoor salt water swimming pool in Sichuan’s Daying county, taken last weekend. It’s been dubbed China’s dead sea. No the people aren’t dead, it’s a reference to the Dead Sea in the middle east … Continue reading

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DIY Ovariohysterectomy Caturday

As we teeter on the brink of another worldwide recession, WoAi has set the tone by doing a DIY ovariohysterectomy at home. If you’re thinking of having your cat spayed, just follow this easy to follow step by step guide and … Continue reading

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T Minus One Day

It’s just one day away folks. Here’s just a tiny preview …. set your clocks for 9am Shanghai time, that’s 2am in London, 9pm in New York City.

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Hyatt, Yes, Grand, Not So Much

The hardware vs software issue comes up all the time in China. Shanghai probably has the best examples of this and being out for drinks the other night at the Grand Hyatt really illustrated this perfectly. For those of you … Continue reading

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Rain Or Shine

I was on my way to work the other day in one of the heaviest rain storms of the year and I spotted one of the workers holding an umbrella to prevent himself from getting soaked by the rain. You … Continue reading

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