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35 Best Street Foods

Have you ever been stuck for ideas on what to eat in Shanghai? If so, this list of 35 of the best street foods, courtesy of CNNGO will ensure you are never short of food ideas, at least till the … Continue reading

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Cosy Caturday

After weeks of being in denial, it’s time to face the harsh reality – winter is just around the corner. On the bright side, we have each other to keep ourselves warm during the cold winter nights.

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It’s Thanksgiving 2011

Just a quick shout out to all Americans out there who are of course celebrating Thanksgiving today. I say “of course” but most Brits have no idea. I only know because I seem to be on a lot of mailing … Continue reading

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Anyone For Coffe?

Fakes products can be found all over China, but it’s also quite common for local companies to “be inspired” by famous western brands, using very similar names and logos as the western brand but just changing certain elements so that … Continue reading

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Kitty Day

It’s been a few weeks without Caturday but nobody seems to have noticed. Well, until today when Kitty gave me a gentle reminder. So Kitty, this one’s for you! I’m still amazed at the places my cats end up. I … Continue reading

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Qingyang Minibus Crash

I hate to end the week on a sad note, but it can’t be avoided. A minivan carry kindergarten students to school in Qingyang, Gansu province crashed head on with a truck. 18 kids and two adults are dead, a … Continue reading

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The Old Switcheroo

This is a Shanghai transportation card. It makes navigating the city a breeze as it can be used on the subway, buses and taxis, avoiding the risk of getting fake notes and the worry of having to carry lots of … Continue reading

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A Nice Cold One

I was in a bit of a hurry rushing between meetings so I only had time to grab a Subway sandwich (Seafood Sensation if you’re curious) and stopped by 7-11 to pick up a couple of cans of Coke Zero … Continue reading

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Shut Up!

This morning started so well. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning – a rare sight in Shanghai where the pollution is often so thick that the skyscrapers of Pudong are barely visible from my window. And so as I walked … Continue reading

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Nu Shooz

If you’ve lived in China for any length of time, you’ll know you can get mediocre shoes for a high price, or terrible shoes for a low price, but it’s impossible to get decent shoes for a reasonable price. Purely … Continue reading

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